Keep your family in motion.

StrollRunner is an accessory for jogging strollers that allows you to run hands-free. It’s designed to fit the most popular single jogging strollers via easy attachment to the stroller you already own. The adjustability features provide a customized fit and experience.


Lightweight and athletic design.


Fully adjustable distance to stroller.


Locking clips = Secure connection.

Stroll Runner Package Contents

The Original StrollRunner

  • Lightweight yet strong aluminum construction
  • Comfortable fit at your waist
  • Adjustable length to fit most heights/desired distance to the stroller handle
  • Easily attached and removed
  • Small and lightweight design provides for easy travel and storage
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Our Story

Nothing bothers me more than watching people run with strollers – it has for years. My daughter is a teen now, so I did not invent this thing for my own personal use, but even more than a decade after donating my stroller to Goodwill, it still bothers me to watch, and recall, the experience of running with a stroller.

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