Hands Free Running & Walking

with our innovative stroller attachment system

Complete Running System

Everything you need to turn the stroller you already own into a hands-free running system.

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Made in the USA

Sourced and assembled here in the United States of America


Installation is quick and done only once


Innovative design like no other


An accessory to the stroller you already own - no need to purchase another to use.


Run, walk, leisurely stroll, medical necessity - fits many different uses


Secure connection between you and your stroller - easy brake reach - easy off

Amazing product!

"I don't know how I ever ran without this!."

— Emily R

Game changer!

"Having the ability to move my upper body instead of being stuck holding the handle makes me want to run further."

— Brian W

Just what I needed!

"I am unable to push my stroller due to medical reasons. StrollRunner has allowed me to be more involved with my baby by freeing my arms and using my body to push the stroller."

— Mason S

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