*BIG CHANGE* when setting up your wheel damper, turn the screws to face out so the flat part of the thumb screw faces the wheel. This will make the install much, much simpler!

StrollRunner® Instructional Setup Guide

In your StrollRunner® package, you should have the following three main elements:

  • 2x Bungee Cords and 2x Twist Ties
  • Harness
  • Wheel Damper with attached two brackets, four thumb screws, four wing nut locks and four wingnuts.

Table of Contents



Step 1: Attaching the Wheel Damper


Remove the four screws and two brackets from the main damper piece

Place the wheel damper on the back side of the front wheel and slide the sides under the wheel supports with the “wings” pointing forwards.

Place the brackets over the stroller wheel support and line up the holes with the brace.

*Place the washers over the FRONT of the damper, push the screw through and hold the wingnuts on the FRONT while you turn the screws to tighten.

Ensure the screws are secured tightly on all four holes in the configuration you can see in the photo. *NOTE: the washers should face OUT*

The holes at the back of the damper will be used to attach the bungee cords.

There are two different methods for attaching the bungee cords depending on your type of stroller.

For Bob® Model Strollers

Hook one end of the bungee cord to the top hole on the damper from behind.

Turn the stroller onto its side so you can access the bottom.

The other hook will attach to the mid-way bar of the stroller. Pull out the cord from the top until you have the right length.

Feed the end of the cord back through the second hole and secure it with the clip at the back of the hook.

Fix the excess cord to the main cord using the twist tie.

Use the second twist tie to fix the hook to the stroller bar.

For Thule® Strollers

Attach one hook from each bungee cord to the outside holes of the wheel damper.

Turn the stroller onto its side so you can access the bottom.

Extend the cords so that they reach the brake bar at the back of the stroller. Each cord should attach to the opposite side.

Pull the cord to the appropriate length then feed it back through the second hole and secure it with the clip at the back of the hook.

Repeat with the second bungee cord until you have both cords securely attached.

Use the twist ties to fix the hooks into place on the stroller.

Step 2: Attaching the Harness

Before attaching the harness, set your stroller brake and adjust the handlebar to waist height

Take the harness and place the flat part against your abdomen at the height of the stroller handle ensuring that the StrollRunner® logo is facing up. 

Place the other side against the stroller handle.

Wrap the straps around the stroller handle from bottom to top. Then clip together and adjust the straps to secure.

Next, attach the harness around your waist and clip it at the side.

Use the strap to adjust the harness to your comfort.

Secure any excess strap with the velcro mini-strap.

To adjust the distance, loosen the slider by turning the knob on the top of the harness counterclockwise.

Slide the arm forward or backward to adjust the distance between you and the stroller.

Uninstall Guide

When you are finished using the StrollRunner®, simply unclip the harness from your waist. Remember to set the brake first.

If you want to use the stroller without the attachment, simply unclip the harness from the stroller handle.

Next, remove the twist ties and unhook the bungee cords at the bottom of the stroller.

You can leave the wheel damper attached to the front wheel as this doesn’t affect the normal usage of the stroller.