At StrollRunner®, our mission is to enable all parents to push their stroller hands-free. We realize this mission by incorporating to our four main values: 
Easy - must be simple to set up and use
Attainable - is an accessory to the stroller you already own
Inclusive - can be used for runners, walkers and medical necessity
Safe - adds a more direct connection to your child and stroller
We believe core and upper body freedom, via a hands-free experience, are the keys to enjoyable stroller-ing, however you choose to move with your stroller.

The first StrollRunner®

Maiden run with commentary by Heather's daughter, Avery

Design Chronology

Four Years of R&D

From Fox kidney belts and PVC pipes to the current custom-made and patented design, StrollRunner® went through no less than 16 iterations and three engineering teams. Several beta testing rounds happened before finding the perfect mix of control and movement allowance; the marriage of runner and stroller.

Must Steer

What good is removing your hands if you can't steer? Feeling confident in the connection to the stroller and being able to steer was a non-negotiable must-have. Flexion at the waist via the pivot point plus the addition of our wheel damper gave us the secret sauce to accomplish this.


Running hands-free is what created the idea for StrollRunner®. The uses have evolved to include enabling those who otherwise could not have pushed a stroller to do so with ease, and walking with baby while they are still too small to support their heads during a run.

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. This mother wanted to run, and if that was going to happen, a stroller and my daughter were coming along for the ride. In 2008 I went for my first, and almost last, stroller run. I spent the majority of the run trying to find a comfortable way to keep a hold on the stroller and also be able to move my body and keep my motivation. I did what we all do... I pushed the stroller out in front of me and swapped hands on the handle so I could swing an arm freely for a minute or two. I ran to one side or the other holding the corner of the handle and moving my body out of line with the stroller so my legs felt free. I spent none of that time getting lost in my run. I lost the entire run trying to get comfortable.

By 2017 I was an avid distance runner, shaking my head every time I saw a person running with a stroller, wishing for them that they could be enjoying their run like I was enjoying mine. I began working with a friend of mine to make real the idea that was in my head of a way to connect runner to stroller freeing your hands and upper body to swing naturally. In 2021 StrollRunner® was finally ready to be born into the world. What we have for you today is the result of a parent's frustration with stroller running turned athlete-approved product. Now, we are helping parents all over the world to move more comfortably with their strollers in so many more ways than we could have imagined.

With Gratitude,

Heather Hayes, Inventor & CEO

Heather Hayes and her daughter, Avery, the inspiration for StrollRunner®

Heather and Daughter, Avery

Heather and Daughter, Avery

Cassidy, daughter of Heather Hayes, founder of StrollRunner®.

Daughter, Cassidy

Daughter, Cassidy