Hi! My name is Heather Dalton, Founder and CEO of StrollRunner, LLC.

I’m a mom, and I’m a runner, and when my daughter, Avery, was born, I couldn’t wait to put her in my fancy-schmantcy new jogging stroller and get back out to doing what I had loved so much sans kiddo.  30 seconds in – here are my thoughts… Oh. My. God.  What the heck is making this experience SO much different than what I remember?

It’s hard, and I don’t feel that long-forgotten sensation of relief to be out kicking up my cardio.  Wait – I can’t swing my arms!  I’m holding onto this stroller and I can’t swing my arms!  Maybe I’ll just push it off in front of me and then run faster to catch up to it.  No, that’s not a good idea.  Maybe I’ll just keep switching arms so that I can swing one at a time.  This still sucks. Sound familiar?  Since taking my idea from concept to creation, I’ve heard from so many runners like us that they NEED this product.  I’m working my tail off to bring it to you – we are almost there! 

Quite a few important people to give some cred to for all the great things in my life.  Be grateful people.