My name is Heather Dalton, Founder and CEO of StrollRunner, LLC.

Have you had the pleasure of running with a stroller?

If your answer is “yes”, you can skip right along your merry way to the shopping page as we need not say more about why you must have a StrollRunner.

If your answer is “no”, go do it.  Seriously – try it out – but bookmark this page first so you can come back and add yourself to the “yes” group above once you have parked your stroller and given up on running with your kiddos ever again.  I’ve got you.

StrollRunner was designed for many reasons, but above all else, to make running with a stroller suck less.  That’s it.  There are numerous reasons we put our little punkins into our strollers and set out to exercise with them, but I believe mostly it’s to feel good; about ourselves, about spending time with our kids, maybe for exercise, maybe to go hang with some other mom or dad friends and be social – maybe just to get out of the damn house for a hot second.

Whatever your reason, I want to make the experience enjoyable for you.  Nothing bothers me more than watching people run with strollers – it has for years.  My daughter is a teen now, so I did not invent this thing for my own personal use, but even more than a decade after donating my stroller to Goodwill, it still bothers me to watch, and recall, the experience of running with a stroller.  

Nothing about the stroller design helps YOU, mom or dad, to run correctly.  You spend the entire time adjusting your body to fit the stroller.  You place one hand on the handle, move your body to the side and run next to it so you can swing AN arm; then you swap and move to the other side you so can swing your other arm.  Or maybe you are one of those daring individuals who pushes the stroller out in front of you, LETS GO, and then runs a few strides with both arms swinging… Does any of this sound familiar?  While you are doing all of this, are you really enjoying your run?  Didn’t think so.  And how does your upper body feel?  Because you’ve been bending over at a ridiculous angle and likely not striding correctly, either.  Body mechanics matter.

The mental release brought by running is a real thing – really from any exercise and release of endorphins.  I want you to feel good.  I get you and I’ve got you.