My name is Heather Dalton, Founder and CEO of StrollRunner, LLC.

I’m a mom, and I’m a runner, and when my daughter, Avery, was born, I couldn’t wait to put her in my new jogging stroller and get back out to doing what I had loved so much sans kiddo.  Not 30 seconds in – I’m not kidding, and I know you can relate – I HATED what I was doing.

It was hard, and I didn’t feel that long-forgotten sensation of relief to be out kicking up my cardio.  I couldn’t swing my arms, and the entire experience felt weird and wrong.  I did what we all do to try and offset the awkwardness – yes, I *gasp* LET GO of the handle, pushed the stroller out far enough to get a few precious strides in and then ran faster to catch up to it.  Next, I tried switching arms so that I can swing one at a time. Neither of these wonderful ideas made it any more enjoyable. Sound familiar? 

I’ve dedicated the past few years to creating a product that would allow running parents to safely remove their hands from the stroller and run. Like a normal person. Swinging your arms. We all need that time to decompress, get outdoors and get our exercise on, but the reality is that time is precious, and we often have to combine that with time with our kids. StrollRunner makes doing so more enjoyable and that alone is worth making sure this product gets to you.

We have spent the past couple of years in R&D; worked with amazing people to hone the design and have begun beta testing. While we are not the first to market, we will be the best on the market. We are laser-focused on using the best materials, ensuring you can use your core, and not your hands, to steer – and all at an affordable price.

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Quite a few important people to give some cred to for all the great things in my life.  Be grateful people.