What is crowdfunding and why are you doing it?

Crowdfunding is a platform that allows a start-up business to fund the furthering of a service or product, via small to large contributions that add up to a whole lot of help, usually given via friends and family.  About a year ago I decided to take a leap and make a go at creating the running belt I’d envisioned that allows parents to run with a stroller hands-free.  No small undertaking.  Think about this – have you ever backed a trailer with your car/truck?  Now try doing so by pushing it in front of you, and not having it swerve all over the place!  It’s a tricky task that I have worked tirelessly to perfect… and I’m not quite there yet.  I quickly realized that I needed the help of minds more adept at the engineering of my belt, so I’ve hired two thus far.  I also hired an attorney to help me file a provisional patent.  The next steps will be to have betas tested so that I can gain the insights of those that will be using the belt, and perfect this even further.

Crowdfunding not only helps to fund these next steps, it gives my friends, family and community members a chance to be a part of this great invention!  Every bit helps to move this product further towards market, and those that contribute can say they were in on helping at the very beginning.  I don’t know about you, but I like feeling like a part of something; like I’m doing something that matters deeply to another.

I chose iFundWomen after learning that they are female-focused when it comes to helping women to launch their businesses.  In 2017, only 2.2% of venture capital went to women-owned businesses.  That’s an astonishing statistic.  Partnering with a platform that focuses on making sure women get their businesses up and launched is paramount to me.

I have come so far but still have a ways to go.  Please consider contributing to my campaign when I launch on November 1st – you’ll be a big part of helping this momma make some big changes for others!  And please know that every bit counts and helps, no matter what size!