October 2017 rolls around and I’ve been hanging with my good friend, Michelle Russell (@comfortandhome), and she introduces me to a book that will change my life forever, You Are A Badass by @jensincero.  If you have not heard of or read this book, go get it.  Seriously, right now.  It’s amazing.  This book is all about getting off your ass, reigning in your positive and badass/kickass mindset, and getting the “fuck on the fuck”.  Basically, recognizing the power you have within to make anything happen, and to GO DO IT NOW.

So I’m all feeling the vibes and decide to take a super-scary step and tell someone about my idea.  Someone outside of my immediate family (besides Michelle who has been pushing me to go for it) and someone that I believe has the brains and ingenious ability to actually take my concept and make it a real thing.  So I took the leap and reached out to my good friend and mastermind, Scott Roth (@rothspeed).  Scott was co-owner of The Auto Shoppe (now he owns Roth Speed) and a friend and customer of my fiancĂ© who owns a Snap-On Tools franchise (@jghtools).  Scott creates some of the most incredible custom cars I have ever seen – look him up, it’s ridiculous.  While what he does is nowhere in the realm of running accessories, Scott has the amazing ability to look at a mechanical “issue” and create a solution in his head.  If the part he needs doesn’t exist, he makes it.  I figured that since he had been working so hard on the Splitray car he was getting ready to take across the country for shows, he may enjoy a mental break from that where he could focus on a different type of creativity.  I also couldn’t think of a better person to help me assess whether or not my idea was something that could be produced.  I have the creative idea type of mind, not the engineering/craftsman type!  I needed help.

Scott invited me to meet him at his shop at 7pm one evening.  I wish I had thought to capture the moment when he was getting ready to hear me out… He jokingly told me that he had to get ready for “Scott Tank” as he donned a tie made out of duct tape and told me to go ahead and pitch my idea.  Even though I knew him fairly well, and had spent time with he and his family over the years, I felt like I was about to make a fool of myself; like he was going to tell me I was crazy and it was an idea not worth putting time into.  I was excited to maybebe taking a first step towards making this real, and sick to my stomach that my idea was about to end right here.  Put your big girl pants on, Heather, and get the nerve to take a step towards changing your life.  Just say it out loud.

Scott was enticed.  I explained that I thought if we could create a running device where you could hold handles and push the stroller at the same time, you could swing your arms and run more naturally.  You see, this was my first idea, and how I quickly learned to not be married to any one idea, but be willing to go with the flow of creation.  Scott told me to KISS – keep it simple, stupid – if the main idea is to swing your arms, why not take the “holding” out of the picture all-together?  What ultimately mattered to me, and what Scott could pick up on, was the swinging of the runners’ arms.  He pulled out blank pieces of paper and began taking the ideas already forming in his head and putting them out for me to see.  Scott’s brain works very quickly, and in there he understands everything he’s coming up with and how it all will mechanically work together.  Me, not so much.  I am sitting on the edge of his office couch trying to keep up, excitedly watching him pull idea after idea together, and hoping that he will let me keep the drawings so I can possibly remember even a fraction of what he is saying.

We end this first meeting with me having the homework of looking online and trying to find a parts from a list he has given me to see if we can use what already exists to put together a first prototype.  With this, we will see if my concept is proven.  I’ll have to save where that goes for my next post, but please stay with me for the ride.  It gets really good.