It has taken me over three years to get my product to a point where I would feel good offering it out into the world and be super excited for the first runners to be able to use it.  

All along I’ve known that StrollRunner didn’t have to be perfect, but it did have to be something of high enough quality and functionality that I myself would choose running with it over running without it.

When you have an end-result idea for something but no clue how to take that idea from your head and turn it into a tangible thing, you have to dig down deep past the fears (there are many of them) and share your idea with those that may be able to help you. 

The fears are: having an idea you don’t believe anyone has had before you; speaking it out loud; wondering the reaction of the recipient of your (perceived) lunacy. 

Another common fear, completely unwarranted, is that someone will steal your idea.  I definitely experienced this myself, and hear that expressed from other entrepreneurs who approach me to talk about how I got where I am today, or what advice I can give, or just want to talk about their idea… without really discussing because, um, I can’t really help if I don’t have a clue as to what I’m helping with.

What is required is that you put your big girl pants on and get over yourself if you’re going to have even the slightest chance at getting anywhere with (un)said idea – and speak it OUT LOUD.

My very first stop on the fear train was with a good friend of mine, Scott.  At the time, Scott owned an auto body shop that had begun as a collision repair shop and morphed into a custom car building crazy train of its own. 

Scott is that person who can take an idea, envision how to do it in his head, and then create it beautifully.  He’s just a freaking genius in my eyes.  I have seen his automotive creations, listened through the processes he has used to create, seen what he makes with his own hands, and watched him turn his small, local shop into a mega-business catching the eyes of some pretty impressive clientele.

My product fits into his world nowhere, but the way his mind works made me think that he may be able to help me – at least with some ideas to create it IRL, or point me towards someone who could.  

We made a plan to meet, I stopped at a gas station to pick up a 6-pack of liquid courage, and headed to his shop for our first meeting, having told him nothing other than I had an idea and I needed some help.

I walked in, we made some small talk, and then he was ready to hear why I was there.  He led me to his office but had me wait to go in until he was able to attach a random duct tape tie to his shirt collar he had grabbed from the top of a filing cabinet. He stepped aside, waving me in and said, “Step into Scott Tank”.  He’s hilarious, and that humor was just what I needed to calm my nerves… a bit.