Installation FAQ’S

The stroller isn’t steering correctly when I’m using StrollRunner®

You can correct problems with the steering by adjusting the bungee cords that are hooked onto the wheel damper:

  • If the stroller is not going in a straight line, ensure both bungee cords are the same tautness.
  • If the steering is too loose, tighten the cords.
  • If the steering is too stiff, loosen the cords.
The stroller is moving up and down too much when I’m jogging

If you are getting too much movement of the stroller when you are jogging, check that the StrollRunner® harness is in a horizontal position when you are stationary.

If the harness is not horizontal, adjust the stroller handle so that it is waist height.

I can’t reach the brake with my foot

For safety reasons, you should be able to reach the stroller brake with an outstretched foot. If you find that the brake is too far away, then adjust the harness to bring you closer to the stroller.

If you absolutely cannot find a comfortable running distance and also reach the brake of the stroller, when removing the harness always make sure that the stroller is on level ground and keep hold of the harness or stroller handle until you can apply the brake.

Where is the best place to position my stroller handle?

If you have an adjustable stroller handle, we suggest keeping it as close to in-line with your waist as you can, creating a straight line from the handle to your waist.  Understandably, not everyone is the same height, so experiment and find what feels and works best for you.

Will StrollRunner® still work if I don’t use the wheel stabilizer?

The wheel stabilizer is a critical safety component for the full experience of hands-free steering. It allows the wheel some flexibility while preventing it from swinging out of control.  The damper component only needs to be fitted once and won’t interfere with the normal usage of your stroller. 

I still have one bungee cord left over after installation

Don’t worry - if you have a Bob® jogging stroller, only one bungee cord is needed to attach the wheel damper so you should have one spare.

Do I need to use any tools to attach StrollRunner® to my stroller?

Not at all. Everything you need to be able to attach StrollRunner® is included in the kit.

Just follow the instructions in the installation guide to attach it.

Product FAQ’s

How is StrollRunner® different from a standard jogging stroller connection?

StrollRunner® is designed to help you run or walk with a stroller in the safest and most comfortable way possible. A standard jogging stroller connects you and the stroller with a wristband tether; something which can prove uncomfortable for extended use. We go a step further by providing a clip-on harness that connects to your stroller via a clamp on the handle. Connecting via StrollRunner® ensures you will not become separated from your stroller whilst freeing you up completely to run in your natural style.

What happens if I fall?

The number one cause of injury to a child in a stroller is the child not being properly secured with the stroller harness. If you fall using StrollRunner® but your child is strapped in securely, they are unlikely to come to any harm. More importantly, when you use StrollRunner® you can be sure that your stroller will not “run away” in the event of a fall. Having the stroller - and your child - secured to you at all times is a safer option for all.

Should I test StrollRunner® alone before running with my child?

Yes, we do recommend a few trial runs in order to calibrate and get used to how it feels before going out with your child. StrollRunner®, while intuitive to use, does have a learning curve. Use something that mimics the weight of your child (a bag of compost works well) and go for a trial “run” (you might want to start out just walking). If you need to adjust the harness distance or bungee cords, consult the installation guide, then go for another test run. When you feel comfortable, try it with your child.

How do I steer if my hands are not on the stroller?

Great question! When running with StrollRunner®, your arms swing naturally allowing for a better posture and reducing the risk of injury. Steering happens from the core - you literally guide the stroller by moving in that direction. After a few uses, it will feel completely intuitive.

Is StrollRunner® adjustable?

Yes! Running is all about personal preference and style. You can customize the distance between you and your stroller to accommodate your running gait. After attaching the StrollRunner® harness, just turn the knob on top of the unit and then lengthen or shorten the extension. Tighten the knob again and you’re good to go. You can make a mark on the extension so you can remember your preferred length.

To fit the harness comfortably around your waist, just adjust the strap once it is attached.

Is StrollRunner® easy to attach?

StrollRunner® was designed to be easy to use and install. The first time you attach it, it should take you around 20 minutes using our easy-to-follow installation guide or video tutorial. Once you have attached the wheel damper, subsequent uses are simply a matter of hooking up the bungee cords and clipping on the harness.

Do I need to remove StrollRunner® after every use?

Not completely. We designed StrollRunner® for easy removal. Simply disconnect the bungee hooks and place them out of the way and you can go about using your stroller as normal.

The harness is removed by simply unclipping it from the handlebar.

Can I share StrollRunner® with my partner?

As you can see above, StrollRunner® can be easily adjusted for different waist sizes, heights, and stride lengths.

Does StrollRunner® fit all strollers?

The current version of StrollRunner® was designed to work perfectly with the most popular jogging strollers: the Bob® and Thule® singles. While you are welcome to use this on any single-seat jogging stroller, please be aware that steering performance may not work as smoothly as intended.

What about double strollers?

The current version of StrollRunner® was created and tested only for single strollers.  The difference in weight and maneuverability means that we do not recommend that you use it with any other type of stroller.