Crowdfunding was a trip.

As is true with each new endeavor, I learned a ton, and if I ever choose to raise funds via that method again, there is so much I would do differently…like build awareness of what I’m doing BEFORE I ask people for money.  That would definitely be numero uno.  All in all, it was a fantastic experience that brought me many new connections, and we raised a whopping $6,690!  I call that a win.

Now it’s back to the basics, with my Asics… Time to focus on fixing the four key areas I want to hone in on before the beta testing units are made and I hand over my baby (I am loving these puns) to others moms and dads to try using with theirs.  That’s when the fun really begins – getting the feedback I’m oh-so-curious to hear and can adapt into my product before we finalize the patent (that deadline is approaching) and start making these available for purchase.  Pre-ordering is an idea we are contemplating, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I’ve taken this month off to really focus on StrollRunner and the need to make these available for purchase as soon as possible.  It has my complete focus.  Just when I think there isn’t anything else I can possibly be doing to move this along, I have a meeting with a mentor, or speak with another entrepreneur, or have a brainstorming sesh with @vtsbdc or @lcrcc – and I’m off again with a full list and mega-motivation.

Now that the crowdfunding event has concluded, it’s back to the story where we left off before… concept proven and onward.