I left off with Scott having given me a list of items to research and purchase. I was CLUELESS!  I understood, as much as I could, the concepts of each item he wanted me to look for, and what it would do, but I didn’t know where to look for these or what they may be called, etc…  Ultimately, the more I searched, the more lost I felt.  The internet is home to so many options.  When I would find something I thought was what he wanted me to locate, I would then email it to him to see if I was on the right track.  Back and forth we went until we finally arrived at a few parts that seemed like they could work, and determined actually producing the others would be the best bet.  Scott had a full shop and (have I mentioned before?) the mind of a genius, so what didn’t exist, he could make.

My first purchase was a Fox Racing belt – the kidney protector used by many motocross riders.  We figured that if we could find things that already existed and repurpose them to our needs we would save time and money not having to reinvent all the parts.  The belt, when worn backwards, provided a comfortable attachment to the runner and also a platform to add to.  We then fastened two aluminum poles to the front that would serve to connect the person to the stroller.  Scott machined the fasteners for the poles to the belt; we used clamps for the tubes to connect to the stroller.  What we needed to do was prove the concept and find a way to get it good enough to try running with.

It wasn’t pretty, but it was finally real!  I think Madonna would have been jealous of my new accessory – it really reminded me of something she would wear.  Next, we took it outside with the stroller and it was time to try it.  This was a big moment.  Best case scenario it would work; worst case, we would have to start over.  It also represented the moment when the idea I had been carrying around for so long was an actual thing.  A real product, not just a concept.  We hooked me up, got the phone set to video and off I went!  A very short distance being that I was in a parking lot, but it was the BEST run I’d had thus far in my life!  IT WORKED!  When I came back by Scott and he stated, “concept proven!”, I almost cried.  This was the first big moment for StrollRunner.