This is Us – Avery, Heather and Justin

StrollRunner officially opened our sales on August 26th, the 14th birthday of Avery, my daughter (this is Heather writing – Founder & CEO!). She was quite proud to share the day.

Since then, there has been a lot of learning around packaging, working together with family to pack and ship each order (total family affair right now), scheduling, logistics, where to put everything (still doing this out of my house at present), fun with UPS (shipping in general). BUT, we are becoming a well-oiled machine.

I enlisted the help of Avery to fulfill 100 orders of the lipgloss she makes and sells on her Etsy shop, I am including these in the first 100 orders as a special gift – seriously, these work so well for running, I had to share! That, and we have begun a program to help promote and highlight young entrepreneurs, aptly named our Young Entrepreneurs Program. We want to encourage younger generations to follow dreams, take a chance, and put their talents into the world. If you know of a person who could use a boost to their sales, promotional help and would like to be featured in our packages, please visit our Insta bio for the submission form.

Avery has also been helping with packaging since she has such a keen eye for presentation, and she was going to tell me how to do it anyway! Luckily, she enjoys doing it, and the few extra dollars I give her for helping gets put right back into her own business…usually.

I have been writing cards to the purchasers – a small gesture but it makes me feel connected on a personal level to each person receiving one. My hands are more used to typing so it’s a labor of love (seriously, the puns again!), but very satisfying.

Outside of fulfillment we are hard at work planning in-person demos and attendance at trade shows. The Vermont City Marathon has long been the expo that I have wanted to debut at, being held in my hometown area. Normally held in May, COVID has pushed it to the fall this year, and I recently received an invite to host a booth. Jumped on that! I’m so excited to be planning the booth and to be gearing up to show StrollRunner to the throngs of runners that attend. Chatting face to face about StrollRunner is going to be amazing… finally!

What we really need is a racetrack, a couple of strollers and all the people that want to try it. While planning the booth is fun, it’s a bit more of an active product than a stand still and try it on kind of thing. I wonder how much trouble we are going to get into when people try walking around the expo with it once they are attached! Videos and photos to come, of course!